These pages attempt to list all resources and information related to ASF development process. It contains information aimed at developers, committers, release managers and pmc members. If you cannot find your answers here, then please ask on your project mailing lists. There are many experienced ASF people there to help. The content is categorized below. Alternatively, this sitemap summarizing all the information in /dev/ is available. Some further content starts its life on the General Wiki, and may move to these pages as it matures.

Here you can find information about tools and processes used by Apache projects and the ASF to manage our source code, our mailing lists, our websites, and also How-To guides for committers and Project Management Committees (PMCs).

Apache Infrastructure

Committers and Contributors

Project Management Committees (PMC)

All requests for Infrastructure assistance need to be sure that the relevant project PMC is involved. Remember that PMCs can handle many Infrastructure items for themselves.

Learn How To..

Licenses, Trademarks, and Legal issues

Version Control

Apache Project Websites

Software Product Releases

Issue and Bug Tracking

Each project uses their own issue tracker to track bugs, requests, and other action items - typically JIRA or BugZilla. Every Apache project decides how to track issues, so see each project website to find how they track issues.

Mailing Lists

Pasting data to others

Apache provides a paste bin service for committers to use at

Anyone can view the pastes (except those marked 'committers only'), but only committers are allowed to paste new data on the site.

Read about how paste.a.o works on the site or read this overview blog post.

Latest Activity

This is an overview of activity going on with our projects. SVN commits, bug reports, tweets, you name it.

@infrabot: Eris is back up, and services should be coming back up. Join if you notice any issues. @ 14 Oct, 18:46
@infrabot: Unexpected outage on eris. Rebooting. @ 14 Oct, 18:06
@infrabot: Emergency colo maintenance at 0000 UTC. Things should be moving back to normal... -- <lrr> @ 10 Oct, 00:17
r1633885 Update website with newer Flink Presentation (incubator) — aljoscha
r1633884 SLING-4095 : Clean up code and logging statements (sling) — cziegeler
r1633883 LUCENE-6022: DocValuesDocIdSet checks live docs before doc values. (lucene) — jpountz
r1633882 SLING-4095 : Clean up code and logging statements (sling) — cziegeler
r1633881 updated with ducc-1.1.0 release (uima) — cwiklik
[INFRA-8496] created Error 500
Currently i'm trying to publish the site via which results in 500...and the following message:

[INFRA-8461] Enable Nexus access for Ignite
Not all infrastructure is created yet, but all the info below will be accurate within a day or so (see...
[INFRA-8470] Import Fortress-Core JIRA
The FORTRESS-CORE Jira issues are available on It's SHA checksum is 9b13fbefdef58ee2bf62f5ed8c0a4746fcd971d1

 Please perform a Project Import of...
[INFRA-8480] Create a cwiki for the incubator project REEF
Can we please get a confluence wiki for the newly accepted project REEF? As per

here is the needed...
[INFRA-8517] Please setup a GitHub mirror for REEF
Can you please create a GitHub mirror for the REEF incubation project?