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Disclaimer: This is a draft and therefore subject to change.

Basic information

The following list summarizes the Maven repositories currently in use at Apache.

The main snapshot and release repositories are hosted at http://repository.apache.org. This repository manages most Maven artifacts produced at Apache. It is also configured to proxy the legacy repositories listed below.

If you are an Apache project and would like to use repository.apache.org, see the Publishing Maven Releases guide.

If you're a user looking for Apache artifacts from a Maven repository, all releases are synced to Central and snapshots are available here: http://repository.apache.org/snapshots/

A few good rules

FAQs about the ASF Jar Repositories


There are two types of Maven repository. Loosely 'm1' repositories and 'm2' repositories - matching the repositories used by Maven-1 and Maven-2, though Maven-2 can point to legacy Maven-1 repositories. We support both, but are phasing out the m1 repositories.

Do I need to deploy to both m1/m2 repositories?

No, because the Maven2 repository layout is the standard used by most tools, including Maven, Ivy and Buildr

Can we put third party files in the repositories?

You can with the snapshot repositories, but you cannot with the release repositories. When putting third party files in the snapshot repositories, please email the repository mailing list to explain what you are doing. Ideally third party files should be uploaded to he 'central' Maven repository via the Maven upload process.

I'm working on a research branch, can I release to the repositories?

As long as your project (ie PMC) is happy with the release, then they can go in the snapshot repository, otherwise you should just release in your people.apache.org/~login space.

What is repository.apache.org?

Apache operates a repository manager at https://repository.apache.org/. It can be used by Apache projects for deploying snapshots, releases, or both. See the Publishing Maven Releases guide for more details.

What resources are available?

How do rsyncs happen?

All the official repositories rsync automatically.