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Subversion and Git integration with JIRA tickets

Many projects use JIRA for managing tracking bugs, milestones, feature requests and so on, and many of these projects keep track of which commit affects which ticket. In order to make things even easier, we have a service called svngit2jira, which integrates Subversion and Git commits with JIRA tickets.

How it works

The amount of work a committer has to do to achieve this integration is very light; Simply mention a JIRA ticket in a commit, and the specific JIRA ticket will receive an update indicating that a certain commit has been made in reference to the ticket. As an example, you may want to check out, for instance, this CloudStack ticket (just scroll down a bit and you'll see the commit mentioned).

This service also plugs into the ReviewBoard instance if you use JIRA ticket names there, as for example the CloudStack project does.

General use of the service

As explained, the most common scenario is simply mentioning a JIRA ticket in your commit, and the JIRA ticket will be updated to reflect your new commit. Some projects have this trigger set, so that it only updates a ticket if the first sentence is the JIRA ticket number, but we can tailor this to suit your project's needs.

Getting set up for svngit2jira

Enabling the service for your project is as easy as creating a JIRA ticket with Infrastructure. We'll need to know the following things in order to proceed:

Source code

The source for this feature is freely available at this location.