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The CMS system is currently in production use for the top level apache.org website as well as many Apache projects (but not all).
For information on using the CMS, see the Reference Manual.

Using The CMS With Maven

You can use a mix of cms and svnpubsub publication (Main Maven use it http://maven.apache.org Feel free to have a look at source https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/maven/site/trunk/.

    - move standard Maven directory `src/site` to `content`, with corresponding m-site-p configuration
    - add `site.output` property, used as `reporting.outputDirectory` value



You can commit directly sub sites to your site svn path. For prevent cms to delete sub sites. You must add paths to not delete in a file located in content/resources/extpaths.txt sample Now you can use maven-scm-publish-plugin to publish sub sites Note: this maven plugin will take care of line ending and delete not anymore generated files by Maven

Using The CMS With Ant

Using The CMS With Confluence

Not technically a CMS backed site- just makes use of a periodically run build script. See Dan Kulp's blog entry for supporting details.

Foundation Website

This is the main site to study and mimic for new CMS deployments.

Selected Projects Using CMS

The canonical list of Apache projects using the CMS is elsewhere; the below list is only partial.


Infra maintains a list of projects currently using the CMS. This page lags behinds that list as it's manually updated.