Feather Graphics Downloads

This directory contains downloadable graphics of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) feather trademark.

REMINDER: The feather graphics are trademarks of the ASF, and must not be used without appropriate attribution and permission from the ASF. Please see our formal Trademark Policy for more details.

The Apache Software Foundation owns all Apache-related trademarks, service marks, and graphic logos. You can read our formal Trademark Policy which discusses allowable uses and how to contact us for permissions.


The latest version of the feather is Feather

Foundation Logo with Feather

The latest version of the Foundation Logo, including the Feather is Logo

  • asf_logo.gif - Feather with Foundation Name and URL - GIF Format

  • asf_logo_wide.png - Feather with Foundation Name and URL, wide - PNG Format

  • asf_logo.eps Feather with Foundation Name and URL - EPS Format

Previous Versions

The Apache Feather and Apache Software Foundation logo have both undergone changes over time. Older versions are available below, but shouldn't normally be used.

Right-to-Left Feather (Original)