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Celebrating 25 Years at The ASF

Apache 25 Year Anniversary


Software The World Relies On

The ASF was founded with a mission to provide software for the public good. For 25 years the foundation has delivered reliable software that fuels innovation and powers organizations of all sizes - from small businesses to the most advanced data-driven enterprises.

From the flagship Apache HTTP project to more recent projects spanning AI/ML, big data, cloud computing, financial tech, geospatial, IoT, search, and more – ASF projects serve the public good with use cases such as fueling cancer research; aiding in clean energy research; and reducing food waste.

Public Good Stories

Apache Airflow

Genomic algorithms are highly demanding of CPU, RAM, and storage. The data engineering team at C2i Genomics uses Apache Airflow to enable high-scale orchestration of genomic algorithms for cancer research.

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Apache Superset

The City of Ann Arbor uses Apache Superset to deliver high-quality data reporting for its public-facing dashboards including rain gauges, air quality, and traffic crash reporting – saving the city 94% in costs.

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Project Spotlights

The Voice of Apache Podcast

Communities That Endure

Open source projects need healthy communities to thrive. The ASF provides projects with services and mentorship for building resilient and durable communities throughout their lifecycle. New projects start in the Apache Incubator and graduate once they’ve met certain criteria (and if it’s not longer maintained, it goes in the Attic).

Apache Attic

If a project is no longer being supported by an active community, it’s retired to the Apache Attic for preservation including code, mailing lists, and all other project communications in the event that those artifacts become useful again in the future. Recent projects that entered the Attic include: Apache OODT, Apache Giraph, Apache MXNet, Apache Any23, and Apache jUDDI.

Everything Open, Everyone Welcome

The ASF aims to foster a welcoming and open environment built on respect, empathy, openness, patience, candor, and dependability. According to the 2023 State of Diversity and Inclusion report, people feel welcome and included at The ASF and that they have an equal chance of getting their contributions accepted.

First Contribution Campaign

We recognize community members through our First Contribution campaign that highlights a contributor’s first contribution to any ASF project. Look for the hashtag #FirstASFContribution on LinkedIn and X.

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Apache 25 Year Anniversary