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Publicity Guidelines for ASF Top-Level Projects

ASF top-level projects (TLPs) and their communities are encouraged to actively build awareness of their project and activities through marketing and communications activities such as public relations, email, content, social media, website, and branding. Educational opportunities include Community Over Code, meetups, videos, podcasts, articles, third party conferences, and related community events.

TLP participants are invited to review the guidelines in the internal ASF wiki page.

Third Party Press Release Support

Press releases that refer to the ASF and/or its projects must be approved by the VP Marketing and Publicity prior to distribution. Please allow for a minimum of 10 business days to complete the review. We are sensitive to internal approval processes and will expedite feedback when possible.

No formal press releases or announcements can be made by a third party on behalf of an Apache project, e.g., "Company ABC announces new features in Apache Project Name" or mentioning the project as part of upcoming features/support in their own products. Interested parties may issue supporting announcements with pointers to news originated by ASF or the project, e.g. a link to the corresponding mailing list, webpage or blog post.

Third-Party Brand Support

Organizations are responsible for adhering to ASF trademark policies. For questions about branding and trademark, please visit

The publicity/brand/communications guidelines created by Databricks serve as a "good practice" model for other ASF-focused organizations to emulate.

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Can I refer to an individual, organization or community as “founding” an ASF project?
Many projects enter the Apache Incubator with a recognized individual founder, group of founders, or corporate entity where the project originated and/or which was responsible for its development/administration.

The ASF is vendor neutral: all ASF projects are overseen by their respective Project Management Committees (PMCs), who guide the project's day-to-day operations. Once a project comes to the ASF, its development and oversight is the responsibility of the project’s PMC and community.

There are no "owners" of any Apache project. Individuals and companies who founded projects that are now under the auspices of the ASF may be referred to as "original creator of Apache Project Name" or "original developer of Apache Project Name." Examples: