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Adrian Crum, January 1st, 2016.

On January 1st, 2016 Apache OFBiz contributor Adrian Crum passed away after a short period in the hospital due to double pneumonia.

Adrian joined the OFBiz project during the incubation phase and was invited to become a committer in 2007. Later that year Adrian was invited to join the PMC of the project, in which he participated in until June 2014.

Over the years Adrian contributed over almost 5,000 postings to the mailing lists, over 2,300 issues and comments to issues and over 2,000 commits. He contributed his insights and solutions to a variety of issues and questions encompassing all components and applications of the OFBiz product, but his main goal was to enhance the immutability and thread-safety of the java objects in the framework of OFBiz. His latest contributions were around how OFBiz handles caching.

Adrian also adopted the abandoned Apache Commons Convert project in April 2010, and made it the home of a Java data-type conversion framework he developed for the Apache OFBiz project

Adrian was and is a well respected and remembered contributor and his passing is a great loss for the Project, its contributors and (potential) adopters.

The OFBiz community wishes to express their condolences to the loved ones, family and friends of Adrian, and trust that they will find strength in these difficult times.