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Research Information Portal

As one of the largest hosts for open source projects, there is a wide array of academic researchers interested in studying communities at the ASF. To ensure that our communities are respected, and to make it easier for researchers to find the right information, our volunteers maintain this research information portal.

About The ASF And Our Communities

The Apache Software Foundation ("ASF") is based in the United States and is recognized as a 501C3 non-profit charity creating software for the public good. We do this by providing services and support for many software project communities who choose to join the ASF. Thus the ASF is a very broad set of loosely-connected communities, each with their own independence, but following core policies required by the ASF board. A key feature of ASF project governance is independence from corporate or outside control.

Codes Of Conduct And Communication Etiquette

Please review the ASF's Code of Conduct before working in any ASF hosted spaces or communities. The ASF's CoC is derived from a number of other popular open source project codes, and works to ensure all participants can contribute freely and comfortably in ASF spaces. Any serious CoC violations should be reported to one of our volunteer contacts.

ASF Conferences have their own extended Anti-Harassment policy, covering in-person or synchronous online events.

Virtually all communication at the ASF is expected to be on our publicly archived mailing lists. We have general email etiquette guidelines and tips on how to use our mailing lists.

Best Practices For Research

The ASF expects academic researchers to adhere to their organization's policies for any research. To ensure research efforts don't negatively impact our communities, please also understand our best practices.

Contact Us

If you are an academic researcher and can't find the right place to ask questions about the ASF, we have two volunteers who can help direct you to the correct place to ask. Please be sure to include your specific question, as well as where else you've looked for answers on ASF websites, so we can improve our documentation for the future. Please be patient; we are all volunteers!